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In June 2023, the Scottish Government published Allied Health Professions: Disclosure Guidance.
This document was co-developed by Occupational Therapists and the Scottish Government and is intended to support individuals with criminal convictions and mental health conditions / learning disabilities into work, volunteering or education.

In March 2019, former Minister for Mental Health, Clare Haughey, commissioned an Independent Review into the delivery of Forensic Mental Health Services (“the Review”) chaired by Derek Barron, Director of Care at Erskine. One of the findings from the final report identified the need for guidance on how to understand the legislative requirements around disclosure when supporting people with a forensic mental health background.

The Scottish Government made a commitment to re-engage with Allied Health Professionals to finalise their draft guidance aimed at supporting people with criminal convictions and mental health conditions into work, volunteering or education. This publication is the result of years of work from individuals working in Allied Health Professions, third sector and the Scottish Government. A copy of the guidance can be found at the link below.

The Forensic Network would like to extend thanks to members of our Lead Allied Health Professionals group who contributed to this document and supported it’s completion. We are confident it will be a fantastic source of support in helping to improve employment and educational outcomes for those within the forensic mental health system. 

AHP Disclosure Guidance