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We are delighted to continue to offer our New to Forensic Programme suite, suitable for a range of clinical and non-clinical staff working within forensic services in Scotland.

New to Forensic (N2F) Mental Health

A joint venture between NHS Education for Scotland (NES) and School of Forensic Mental Health (SoFMH), the ‘New to Forensic (N2F) Mental Health Teaching Programme’ is for clinical and non-clinical staff and is designed to promote self-directed learning and multi-disciplinary and multi-agency approach. The programme student will be supported throughout their period of study by a mentor who is an experienced forensic mental health care worker.

The N2F Mental Health Programme was the first programme to be launched by the SoFMH in 2007. Over the years, requests have been made for advancements using the same principles and format. This has resulted in the development of two further programmes, as below.

New to Forensic (N2F) Essentials of Psychological Care

This introductory education programme is designed to help build psychological understanding and therapeutic capacity across the workforce, with particular emphasis on supporting all clinical staff to gain a solid grasp of how psychological theory and practice is used to help forensic patients to change.

New to Forensic (N2F) Medicine

Individuals undertaking a healthcare role whilst working in police custody come from – predominantly although not exclusively – nursing or medical backgrounds and may have diverse roles. The New to Forensic (N2F) Medicine Programme has been designed to meet the needs of these healthcare employees and assumes that many staff entering such settings in Scotland will have little prior knowledge of this area of work. The programme is designed to ensure that participants are equipped with the basic competencies to practice safely in police custodial health care.

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