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The School of Forensic Mental Health (SoFMH) is committed to promoting and supporting research and evaluation across the Forensic Network in order to develop an evidence base for future service development.

The SoFMH can support the promotion of research in two ways. One way is to provide a specific research network as a central point of contact for interested researchers, disseminating information on recent research findings and providing specific opportunities for wider dissemination. Research across the estate is supported through initiatives organised by the Forensic Network Research Special Interest Group (FNRSIG). This group is multi-disciplinary in focus and goes beyond the NHS, encompassing a wide range of partner agencies.

The second area of the SoFMH focus is the provision of high quality teaching and continuous professional development, specific to research within a forensic setting. The SoFMH is able to do this both through the exceptionally high level of research expertise contained within the Forensic Network, but also the partnership agreements in place with prestigious Scottish Higher Education institutions including the University of the West of Scotland and University of Edinburgh.

Each year we complete an annual Research Mapping Exercise in order to track the various research studies taking place across the Network. These are available to view in our Publications section.