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The Forensic Network is one of Scotland’s Managed Clinical Networks. Established in 2003, the Network seeks to bring a pan-dimensional, whole Scotland approach to the planning and development of pathways for forensic mental health services.

A regional approach is adopted in order to achieve the aim of addressing fragmentation across the forensic estate. Representatives from all NHS regions (West, East, North and The State Hospitals Board) contribute to the work of the Network in order to provide guidance and input into national approaches.

As a Network we host several professional groups, commission short life working groups to tackle specific concerns, and facilitate clinical fora on a variety of key topic areas. We provide a platform to encourage stakeholders from across the forensic mental health estate to work collaboratively.


The Forensic Network also hosts the School of Forensic Mental Health (SoFMH). This virtual school offers teaching and training to all professional groups and agencies involved in the assessment and care of mentally disordered offenders and others requiring similar services. The SoFMH has access to many experienced professionals and can support services or partner agencies in the development of teaching materials, courses or research. It is available to all colleagues and partner agencies across the Forensic Network.